Weight Concerns
No matter what your feeling or concerns about weight and body image Nutrition Sense can support you using our non-diet approach which incorporates the concepts of intuitive eating to help you achieve long-term life changes to your relationship with food in an individual and realistic manner.

Eating Disorders
Food is often used for more than just biological reasons. Emotional eating, eating disorders and disordered eating often become coping mechanisms that lead to eating for many reasons not related to hunger. We can work together to help you gain trust and safety around your relationships with food and your body. I use a non-diet, non-rigid approach in a collaborative environment.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a common endocrine disorder that affects women and manifests in a variety of symptoms: irregular, heavy menstruation or no menstruation, unexplainable weight gain typically in the midsection, carbohydrate cravings, fertility challenges, acne, hirsutism (hair growth on face, chest and other body parts). Women may or may not have, as the name describes, small cysts in the ovaries. PCOS can affect one’s health and body in a number of ways from a change in appearance or menstrual cycle to fertility problems and even heart problems. Nutrition intervention is often an overlooked modality in the treatment of PCOS but can have significant short and long-term benefits in the management of symptoms and overall improvement in health and hormone levels.

Sports Nutrition
For professional athletes, amateur athletes or even weekend warriors nutrition is often under utilized as a way of enhancing all aspects of your sport: performance, strength, endurance, recovery and rehabilitation. Nutrition can be vital for athletes of all ages and levels. We can work together to find the most effective daily food choices and patterns as well as pre, during and post-event meals and snacks.

Pre/Post Natal
For both mom and baby we provide an understanding of the changing nutritional needs that occur before, during and after pregnancy. We can also help with the often challenging aspects of feeding children from birth through adolescence.

General Wellness
Gain an improved sense of health and well-being, more energy, improved moods and better sleep. Nutrition is an important aspect of a healthy, energized and balanced body, mind and spirit. We can find the best ways for you to incorporate healthy, nourishing changes into your life to enhance your mind and body.